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Personal Liability in Employment

Personal liability is when a civil action is brought against a person in an individual capacity. For employment concerns, an owner, supervisor or manager, or someone in a decision-making capacity, can be sued personally in addition to or in place of the company. This means their personal […]

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Employee Status: Part-time, Full-time, Temporary or Contractor?

An employee’s status as full-time, part-time or temporary can be confusing for employers. Not only does the company have its own idea of what a full-time or part-time employee is, there are other outside influences that define the status of an employee. Sometimes, those influences don’t define […]

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Nobody’s Right If Everybody’s Wrong

In a recent discussion with a labor attorney I heard a remark that really caught my attention. “You cannot mediate a workplace issue when both participants are wrong.” I find broad generalizations about mediation are an opportunity to learn, or to teach. So, I asked about the […]

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Reopening Soon? HR Policies You are Probably Forgetting to Revise

Reopening Soon? HR Policies You are Probably Forgetting to Revise

The work world has changed and your company needs to be ready with revised policies and procedures for the new “post-pandemic reality”. How will you minimize your exposure not only to the virus, but also to potential legal action? CLICK HERE to view a short video covering […]

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Workplace Mediation – Online or Face-to-Face?

Meeting face-to-face in a room to resolve workplace issues is still viewed by many mediation participants as a better method for discussion than video conferencing. The main reason for this preference is that people want to ‘see the body language and feel the demeanor’ of the entire […]

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After the Quarantine: What’s Next?

Most of us are ready to resume our lives after being shut in for so many weeks. However, as businesses reopen and resume normal operations, they need to keep in mind the lessons we’ve learned from this crisis and prepare for the fact that COVID-19 may be […]

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Comp Time

What is comp time? Comp time is when an employer allows an employee to take time off work rather than pay overtime. While there are instances when comp time is ok, in most situations this practice may be illegal. Private Sector Non-exempt employees working in the private […]

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Cell Phones for Business Purposes

Most employees don’t mind using their personal cell phone for business use if they’re reimbursed for data usage or provided a monthly stipend to use toward paying their phone bill. However, with a majority of cell phone companies offering unlimited data plans, some employers are inclined to […]

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Internship Survey

The majority of interns are assigned to work only for one department.  However, depending on the circumstances, the intern may rotate to other departments depending on the intern’s major, work experience, and the needs of the organization. 85% of interns are accepted from any school. 77% of […]

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Hiring Company Drivers

Whether your employees drive a company vehicle or you allow them to drive their personal vehicle, you should have a driving policy in place that provides guidelines for what is acceptable behavior while driving, not only for your business necessity, but also for the safety of your […]

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