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Florida Pay Adjustment (Salary Budget) Survey

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Stay Interviews

As the challenge to find talent becomes more difficult, it is critical that employers focus on retaining their existing workforce. One of the latest tools utilized to help employers determine why people remain with the organization is the Stay Interview. These interviews help managers identify the keys […]

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You Stink! How to Have the Hygiene Convo at Work…

Okay, maybe that’s not the best way to start a conversation with an employee who reeks of body odor, has bad breath, or is using so much cologne that their scent lingers long after they has left the area… Talking with an employee about their personal hygiene […]

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Analyzing & Calculating Turnover

WHY DID YOU LEAVE ME? LEARN CALCULATING, COSTING, AND REDUCING TURNOVER & RECRUITING STRATEGIES FOR RETENTION Reducing turnover is a challenge that Human Resources (HR) has faced for decades.  Why people leave and why people stay continues to mystify many employers. Removing the mystique will help HR […]

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Heard on the Hotline: Marchman Act

Q. We received notice that our employee is being assessed under the ‘Marchman Act’ – How do we proceed? A. The Marchman Act provides for the involuntary or voluntary assessment and stabilization of a person allegedly abusing substances like drugs or alcohol, and provides for treatment of substance […]

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FLSA Defined

Like we discussed in our previous blog; part of the purposes of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) is to determine minimum wage and overtime payments. These items are dependent upon an employee’s status.   Exempt Status Exempt positions are excluded from minimum wage, overtime regulations, and […]

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Heard on the Hotline: Holiday Pay

Q: We have a manager who just started work for us last week. Our policy says an individual has to be employed for 90 days before we pay for a holiday. Is our policy OK or do we have to pay him? A: While your policy is […]

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How To: Wage Garnishments

A garnishment is a legal way for a creditor to receive payment for a debt owed by an individual. General garnishments are commonly granted to a creditor by a court order to receive payments by attaching the person’s wages, whereas debts owed to a state or the […]

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‘Tis the Season for Colds & Flu…

We all know that employee…the one who comes to work wheezing, sneezing, sniffling, and coughing thus re-gifting his germs to his coworkers. Employees, especially those in tight quarters, end up with a seemingly never-ending cycle of passing colds and flu from one person to the other. Companies […]

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Heard on the Hotline: Pay Cards

Q. Can we require employees to use direct deposit or pay cards if they do not already have their own set up [in Florida]? A. No, you cannot require the use of direct deposit [in Florida], however you can mandate the use of pay cards [in Florida]. […]

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