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Hiring Company Drivers

Whether your employees drive a company vehicle or you allow them to drive their personal vehicle, you should have a driving policy in place that provides guidelines for what is acceptable behavior while driving, not only for your business necessity, but also for the safety of your […]

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Love Hurts (in the Workplace)

Despite the #MeToo movement and the plethora of individuals who have been caught in sex scandals at work, employees still engage in workplace romances. Some companies adopt extreme policies prohibiting all employees from dating each other. However, that’s the exception rather than the norm. Those types of […]

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Contribution Limits for 401K/Pension and Health & Welfare Plans for 2020

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HR Calendar of Records/Reports

JANUARY1st Begin paying salaried exempt employees a minimum of at least $684 per week ($35,568 annually). Fair Labor Standards Act defines a highly compensated individual as a person making $107,432 annually. Begin paying non-exempt employees any new/revised state minimum wage rates that become effective January 1. Begin […]

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Résumés or Applications – Do We Need Both?

Ultimately, the decision rests with the company regarding whether to accept a résumé in leiu of an application or to require both. Whatever you choose to do, be consistent; don’t allow one applicant to simply submit a résumé and then require the rest of the individuals applying […]

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Holiday Survey

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What Are SOPs and Should I Have Them?

SOP refers to Standard Operating Procedure. An SOP is a manual or guideline that provides instructions on the proper steps and requirements to perform a task. SOPs provide a brief description of the task, include relevant information, what department it applies to, and usually who is responsible. […]

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Florida Pay Adjustment (Salary Budget) Survey

EAF responds to hundreds of hotline calls and emails monthly. We would be happy to answer any interesting questions you may have too! Contacts us at [email protected] or 407.260.6556 Ready to Join? CLICK HERE to Join now and receive 10% off NEW Member Dues! Use PROMO CODE: […]

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Stay Interviews

As the challenge to find talent becomes more difficult, it is critical that employers focus on retaining their existing workforce. One of the latest tools utilized to help employers determine why people remain with the organization is the Stay Interview. These interviews help managers identify the keys […]

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You Stink! How to Have the Hygiene Convo at Work…

Okay, maybe that’s not the best way to start a conversation with an employee who reeks of body odor, has bad breath, or is using so much cologne that their scent lingers long after they has left the area… Talking with an employee about their personal hygiene […]

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