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Value - $3,500
Value - $2,000
Value - $3,500
Value - $6,000

  • HR, Legal, Safety & Cyber Security

  • No Fees or Caps

  • Certified Professionals & Attorneys

  • Same day or 24 to 48 hour callback

  • FMLA-ADA Advisor

  • White Collar Exemption Advisor

  • State Employment Law Comparison Chart

  • Payscale Salary Calculator

  • Job Description Writer

  • Performance Review Writer

  • News & Trends

  • State & Federal Law Library

  • Newsletters (including 2 for all employees)

  • Surveys (Policies, Benefits & Wage)

  • HR Records, Reports & Retention Guide

  • HR Self-Audit

  • Sample Handbook, Forms & Policies

  • Toolkits

  • 10 Free Online HR Business &
    Safety Courses

  • 20+ Free Online IT Courses

  • 24 Free Training Kits

  • 40+ Free & Discounted Webinars

  • Free Briefings

TOTAL VALUE - $15,000 with Corporate Dues Ranging from $450 - $3,150/yr.


  • Hotline Management Consultation (HR, Legal, Safety & Cyber Security) – This service alone provides a 100% return on your investment! Get fast, practical answers from experienced professionals.
  • CCH HR Compliance Library – Includes unlimited online access to HR resources 24/7, news & trends, state and federal laws & regulations, job descriptions & performance evaluations software, and training kits.
  • EAF Online University – 10 web-based HR and Safety courses that are unlimited and free for all employees.
  • Newsletters – Multiple Newsletters on employment, labor, benefits, and employee assistance. (Weekly, monthly & quarterly distribution)
  • Wage & Salary Surveys
  • HR Trend Surveys – (a variety of topics – 2 – 3 each year)
  • Policies & Benefits Surveys
  • HR Self-Audit
  • Toolkits – Comprehensive guides on a variety of HR & business topics
  • Sample Employee Handbook (plus, over 100 additional policies online)
  • HR Records, Reports & Retention Guide
  • Personnel Forms (over 100 forms online)
  • Labor Relations Research & Union Activity Reports
  • Briefings & Webinars (over 40 HR & Supervisory programs are offered each year)

If you also take advantage of our member-discounted seminars, classroom training, onsite consulting or insurance programs, you are realizing tremendous additional returns. If you need any assistance in calculating your actual ROI, please contact EAF at 407.260.6556.


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EAF provides information about current developments in labor and employment law. This information is intended for educational purposes only and should not be considered legal advice. Questions requiring legal advice should be addressed to the attorney of your choice. EAF members may be able to obtain a legal interpretation through our FREE Legal Hotline.