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EAF Turnover Survey

Is your company experiencing high turnover?

Utilize our Turnover Survey results to compare your stats. 


Employee turnover can be very costly to any size organization.

The Small Business defines employee turnover as:

“A high employee turnover rate implies that a company’s employees leave their jobs at a relatively high rate. Employee turnover rates can increase for a variety of reasons, and turnover includes both employees who quit their jobs and those who are asked to leave.”

The Turnover Survey details:

  • Manufacturing
  • Non-Manufacturing
  • Length of Service
  • Types of Separation
  • Company Initiated
  • Employee Initiated


Understanding your organizations turnover and creating strategies to mitigate turnover rates, is crucial to maintaining a competitive advantage in your industry. EAF members can access the turnover survey by logging into and clicking the Survey tab.


If you are interested in a copy of this survey, please contact EAF today! EAF is here to provide you timely resources and feedback for your organizations needs. Contact us today for more info on how you can manage turnover in your organization 407.260.6556 | [email protected]


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