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National Wage & Salary Survey

EAF Members – Electronic Version Only $299 / Paper & Electronic Version $349
Non-Members – Electronic Version Only $399 /Paper & Electronic Version $449

The Employers Association of America has compiled the National Wage and Salary Survey, which is available exclusively through EAF. If you are responsible for compensation in multiple states or recruit from other areas of the country, this survey is for you!

The Report Contains Data on 151 Benchmark Jobs in…

  • Office, Clerical & Technical positions
  • Supervisory, Managerial & Professional positions
  • Production Trades positions

Survey Features…

  • 21 associations
  • 43 major metropolitan/regional areas
  • over 207,000 employees

National Executive Compensation Survey

EAF Members – Electronic Version Only $499 / Paper & Electronic Version $559
Non-Members – Electronic Version Only $599 / Paper & Electronic Version $659

Over 1671 participating organizations in various industries contributed compensation data for over 10,000 executives for more than 48 positions. The survey includes data specific to manufacturing and service industries, with data being broken out by sales volume and ownership type. The report also has information on Board of Directors’ pay.

See what other companies are offering for…

  • Base Pay
  • Bonuses
  • Other Cash Payments
  • Total Compensation

Compensation breakouts:

  • Sales Volume
  • Employment Size
  • Industry
  • Organization Type
  • Geographic Area

National Information Technology & Engineering Compensation Survey

EAF Members – Electronic Version Only $499 / Paper & Electronic Version $559
Non-Members – Electronic Version Only $599 / Paper & Electronic Version $659

This National Information Technology and Engineering Compensation Survey delivers the most up-to-date wage data for over 200 positions and includes data from over 1300 U.S. firms of varying sizes, geographic locations and industries.

Data is Reported By:

  • Geographic Location
  • Company Size
  • Industry Group

Data Includes the Following Components:

  • Base Compensation
  • Bonus/Incentive Eligibility
  • Actual Bonus Payments
  • Salary Ranges

National Sales Compensation & Practices Survey

EAF Members – Electronic Version Only $299 / Paper & Electronic Version $349
Non-Members – Electronic Version Only $399 / Paper & Electronic Version $449

This comprehensive survey contains hard to find, up-to-date compensation, benefits, practices and expense allowance information. Over 2,000 U.S. firms submitted data, which includes industry breakouts and incumbent based information with over 10,000 rates reported.

Survey Features Include:

  • 15 positions spanning a full sales force from executive to inside sales and customer service
  • Salary reports show base pay, variable pay, and total compensation
  • Compensation Strategies (3 types of incentive strategies)
  • Gross Sales Volume (4 breakouts)
  • Industry Types (16 breakouts)
  • Regions (6 breakouts)

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