Wellness and Disease Management

Bravo Wellness

Bravo Wellness specializes in developing flexible, outcomes-based corporate wellness programs that give employees financial rewards for achieving healthy outcomes. Employees who achieve and maintain healthy lifestyles can save money and control their healthcare costs. In return, employers see real behavior change and immediate savings through cost-shifting and lower claims costs from a healthier workforce.

Bravo Wellness can do it all. Whether you need them to coordinate all the elements of your program, or certain components, they give you the road map and take care of the details. Bravo has been on the forefront of the final wellness rules so they know and understand health insurance law, including HIPAA non-discrimination regulations, and we’re skilled in wellness regulations for group health plans.

Our partnership offers…

  • Expert consulting in outcomes-based wellness plan review and designs that are based on your company’s culture
  • Coordination and administration of individual and group biometric screenings through a reputable, preferred provider network of wellness screening partners, as well as access to partners for wellness activities, coaching, disease management and care management
  • Communication tools and support for employees
  • Administration of participation appeals and “reasonable alternatives” when required because of a medical condition or medical inadvisability
  • Advanced incentive tracking software for custom exports to payroll and eligibility systems
  • Oversight of your program to assure full compliance withe the Department of Labor’s final wellness rules.

Members receive preferred pricing on all Bravo Wellness services.

Contact EAF at 407.260.6556 or [email protected] and ask to speak with a representative from Bravo Wellness.