Staffing Services

AppleOne Employment Services

EAF has partnered with AppleOne, a complete, full-service employment solutions provider to help you deal with the challenges of finding talent in this market. Founded in 1964 and committed to building client-for-life relationships, AppleOne has been providing fast, high-quality staffing results for more than 55 years. We have partnered with them to help you with the following options:

  • Direct Hire You invest a lot in a new hire. Choose AppleOne, and not only will we lower your true cost for acquiring productive employees, we’ll ensure that the investment you do make pays off. Our careful matching and over 40 years of recruiting experience ensure you see only the most productive people.
  • 5•50 Assurance Plan AppleOne’s exclusive assurance plans greatly reduce the risks associated with Direct Hire placements. As the most comprehensive protection in the staffing industry, the 5•50 plan ensures a company’s investment in a candidate is protected for up to five full years. If a position is vacated due to termination or resignation, we will re-fill the position for just half your original investment.
  • Temporary Staffing Put industry-leading evaluation and matching tools to work to give you access to a vast supply of highly productive temporary associates. We combine the powers of new and traditional recruiting with an exceptional referral rate to deliver precisely the people you need when you need them.
  • Temporary-to-Hire AppleOne’s Temporary-to-Hire solution allows you to evaluate candidates while they work in your business environment. Think of it as a “working interview” that ensures continued productivity without disruption, allowing you to enjoy no-risk hiring.
  • Medical Services Services for Members – includes medical personnel (temperature checkers) and PPE (personal protective equipment) supplies.

This partnership provides members preferred pricing on AppleOne’s services. Contact EAF at 407.260.6556 or [email protected] to be contacted by an AppleOne representative.