HR Project & Administration

Many organizations do not have adequate human resource support. Others do not have sufficient HR staff to handle sudden increases in workload or maintain services. If any of these situations occur in your organization, you have a resource to help you – EAF’s Project/Administration services.

As problems or needs arise, EAF’s contract HR professionals can handle many of your human resource needs including:

  • Administering and directing day-to-day HR activities and programs on a temporary or part-time basis.
  • Developing/administering your HR program or setting up HR department to ensure…
    • compliance with the myriad of laws and regulations
    • that methods and procedures are efficient
  • Developing and administering recruitment, selection, relocation, and employee orientation.
  • Completing and developing legally-required HR records and documentation and record keeping processes.
  • Assisting with employee relations issues including…
    • development of employee complaint procedure
    • problem resolution
    • positive discipline process and procedures
  • Developing policies and practices that foster strong employee relations and productive employees, such as…
    • handbooks
    • supervisory policy manuals
    • job descriptions
    • wage and salary administration programs.
  • Mediation & brainstorming – Simple and complex problems can be satisfactorily resolved when common objectives and desired outcomes are openly communicated and linked together.