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HOPS International LLC

Progressive Supervisory & Management Development

Organizational Development: Building Enterprise Excellence

HOPS International LLC Consulting have adopted a process consulting approach in addressing human resources problems, because in the world of business, there are no distinct compartments separating the study of work groups. We analyze inter-related segments and look at the total picture by integrating the most current findings in organizational development and behavioral sciences with expertise gleaned from years of human resources management and organizational experience.

Our consultants bring to your organization broad perspectives drawn from years of experience in industry, education, and the application of a wide variety of organizational development, psychological, and human resources management skills.

Providing Specialization in the Following Areas:

  • HRD Products, Support Services and Training & Development Interventions to Support Organizational Development and Performance Improvement Efforts
  • Organizational and Human Performance Assessment Process & Tools
  • Organizational Performance Improvement Programs & Tools
  • Change Management Programs, Processes, Training, & Support Services
  • Vision & Cultural Alignment Programs & Tools
  • Business Process Reengineering (BPR)
  • Business Process Mapping (BPM)
  • Knowledge Management Training and Mapping Process
  • Targeted Development Performance Indicators
  • Operational & Programmatic Improvement Programs
  • Organizational Change Management & Support Programs
  • Quality Improvement Programs (Certified TQM Facilitator & Consultant)
  • Business Performance Coaching
  • Strategic Planning Sessions
  • ERP Integration Support
  • Knowledge Mapping Programs
  • Process Improvement Programs
  • Vision & Values Alignment


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