Ethics Hotline

Ethical Advocate

(opens in a new window) Every organization deserves to have an Anonymous Ethics Line for its employees to advise it of any wrongdoing.

Fraud is as common in business as coffee cups:

  • 45% of all companies experience fraud at any given time and it’s not paper clips and post-its
  • the median fraud incident is $140,000; ¼ are in excess of $1 million and
  • a typical company loses 5% of its revenue annually to fraud

But it’s Not Just Fraud: there’s also…

  • Employee harassment
  • Drug and alcohol abuse
  • Discrimination
  • Wrongful termination
  • Cyber security
  • IT compromises
  • Misinformation to clients
  • Lying, falsification of records
  • COVID-19

The primary reason they didn’t they say anything? They don’t feel safe in doing so. Studies show that internal reporting mechanisms are rarely perceived as being truly anonymous… and employees want/need anonymity. Anonymity and the perception of anonymity might be the most important determining factor in people submitting reports (over 97% of all incident reporters submit reports anonymously).