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Every organization deserves to have an Anonymous Ethics Line for its employees to advise it of any wrongdoing.

“It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to lose it. Lose money for the firm and I will be understanding; lose a shred of reputation for the firm and I will be ruthless.” Warren Buffett

Fraud is as common in business as coffee cups:

  • 45% of all companies experience fraud at any given time and it’s not paper clips and post-its
  • the median fraud incident is $140,000; ¼ are in excess of $1 million and
  • a typical company loses 5% of its revenue annually to fraud

But it’s Not Just Fraud: there’s also…

  • Employee harassment
  • Drug and alcohol abuse
  • Discrimination
  • Wrongful termination
  • Cyber security
  • IT compromises
  • Misinformation to clients
  • Lying, falsification of records

While the spotlight shines brightest on organizational leaders and management,

  • 43% of surveyed employees admitted to recent unethical acts in the workplace. Is it seen?
  • Yes! 75% of surveyed employees observed unethical acts and did nothing about it.
  • Termination, retaliation, retribution, and being ostracized by co-workers are employees greatest fears.

The primary reason they didn’t they say anything? They don’t feel safe in doing so. Studies show that internal reporting mechanisms are rarely perceived as being truly anonymous… and employees want/need anonymity. Anonymity and the perception of anonymity might be the most important determining factor in people submitting reports (over 97% of all incident reporters submit reports anonymously).

Ethical Advocate (EA) is pleased to offer its secure, anonymous reporting system to EAF members at a special, discounted price. The service comes with the ability to submit reports in 17 languages online and 200 through EA’s 24/7/365 contact center.

Services include:

  • 24/7/365 coverage
  • Creating a custom URL taking your users directly to your specific user page within Ethical Advocate’s system
  • Highly trained call agents. Agents read back each answer to ensure accuracy
  • Web-link directly from your Intranet to incident reporting page
  • Unlimited customized categories/subcategories for incident reporting
  • Unlimited customized locations for incident reporting
  • Unlimited number of Administrators
  • Unlimited training for the designated administrator/liaison(s)
  • Immediate email notification to designated administrators when a report is
  • Submitted and upon all communications from the incident reporter
  • The ability for the administrator and Incident Reporter to communicate through Ethical Advocate thereby allowing the Incident Reporter to remain anonymous while the administrator can acquire more information or communicate
  • All technical support
  • Customized easy-to-use instructions
  • Ongoing communication on building and maintaining an ethical culture
  • User Guides for your administrators and users
  • Case Management – a comprehensive case management system and statistical analysis for the timely distribution, explanation, follow-up and management of every incident report to appropriate administrators

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