Employee Opinion Survey

AAIM has developed and refined an employee opinion survey that has proved to be extremely useful to countless companies in redefining their human resources policies and practices. The survey is conducted by AAIM, or AAIM certified personnel, and is done in such a way as to solicit truthful and straightforward responses from employees. The employee’s individual responses are not divulged to the company, so there is no threat of reprisal.

The survey questionnaire contains 68 items. The results show a percentage of favorable responses to each question according to each department, shift and supervisor. All responses are compared to statistical norms. Unedited employee comments are included. AAIM will administer the survey onsite at hours convenient to your operation.

The following areas are covered in the survey:

  • Executive Leadership Effectiveness
  • Supervisory Management Effectiveness
  • Communication
  • Pay
  • Benefits
  • Operational Effectiveness
  • Organizational Practices
  • Employee Development and Recognition
  • Work Life Satisfaction
  • Employee Commitment

Advantages of an Employee Opinion Survey:

  • Assurance of the company’s personal interest in what employees think, how they feel, and what they want
  • Provides an opportunity to disclose unfair conditions and other areas of complaint
  • Provides an opportunity to express appreciation
  • Provides awareness of a possible union organizing effort