Cyber Security

The Sylint Group, Inc.

Formed in 1998, Sylint has developed a national reputation as a leader in cyber security, digital data forensics, eDiscovery and compliance. The company’s professionals combine experience from the NSA, Department of Defense, law enforcement, and corporate entities. Sylint’s experts employ innovative technologies, advanced techniques and proven investigative protocols to uncover fraud, malicious conduct, sabotage or other nefarious activities. Clients range from small businesses to Fortune 50 companies, AmLaw 100 firms and government agencies. Services include detection and remediation of corporate espionage, fraud identification, employee termination issues, cyber security posture review, Payment Card Industry (PCI) audits and regulatory compliance. Sylint is one of only 13 companies in the US recognized as a PCI Forensic Investigator, authorized to perform digital forensic investigations on credit card incidents.

Corporate mergers, buy-outs, and takeovers are commonplace. In the process, information systems and procedures from different companies and different environments are suddenly tied together and forced to co-exist. Before making this step, due diligence should include:

  • Electronic Discovery – A review of corporate documents & records to ensure that available material is not being hidden or held back
    Security Analysis – Before joining systems and sharing proprietary information, Sylint works to provide a comprehensive analysis and overview of network security, compartmentalization, and available pipelines
  • Efficiency Review – An assessment of available technology, current, proposed, and potential usage levels, and bottlenecks or roadblocks to the flow of information.

Competitors, hostile employees, crackers, and surfers each present a credible threat to corporate security. Whether electronic or physical, industrial espionage work is commonplace. Common aims are irrecoverable damage, production and communication slowdowns, or discovering future business plans or other revealing, damaging, or embarrassing information. While Sylint has in-depth experience in active engagements, working before an active case develops is simpler and often more effective. Sylint works with companies to develop comprehensive plans for:

  • Data Security
  • Information Compartmentalization
  • Authentication and Ownership
  • Data Tracking & Logging
  • Methods, Policies & Procedures for Safeguarding Computer Assets & Data

The Sylint Group, Inc. can provide you with the guidelines and documents to safeguard your company computer, network, and communications assets & data. The Methods, Policies & Procedures document is customized for each individual company and is delivered in hardcopy and electronic format. The document is designed to be setup for online implementation and is tailored for the company’s size and unique Threat/Vulnerability-Probability/Impact matrix.