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How do you make certain that employees in your organization are paid fairly? There was a time when determining individual pay was a fairly simple task. Not in today’s complex work environment. Ensuring that your company can attract, retain and motivate qualified competent employees is a critical responsibility of the Human Resources function. Yet, without a systematic approach to determining the value of each position in the company, it is nearly impossible.

 The Foundation – Your organization’s base pay system is the critical foundation for all of your human resources programs. It is the centerpiece of the total rewards package an organization provides employees in return for their efforts. Harrington & Associates will work with you to ensure that your entire rewards package meets the needs of your organization. We will assist you to implement systems that are equitable, competitive, objective and completely nondiscriminatory.

Our process includes all of the steps required to ensure that your pay systems are both fair and competitive. The steps include:

  • Job Analysis
  • Job Description
  • Job Evaluation
  • Classification
  • Pay Range Development
  • Pay Policy Development
  • Variable Pay

With base pay programs solidly in place, organizations begin to focus on variable pay systems such as merit pay, bonus systems, equity programs and other reward strategies. Often they have concerns about executive compensation issues or the need for unique survey data. No matter what the compensation concern may be in your organization, Harrington & Associates is available to provide the expert consulting services and results you require.

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