Compensation Services

Are You Paying Your Employees Fairly?

Whether you’re designing a compensation program and structure from the ground up or modifying an existing structure, you will receive equitable and competitive pay practices from our compensation experts. We are here to help you with quick compensation consulting or large projects, supporting employers in all industries across the U.S.

Best Practices for Developing a Pay Program

  • Define a total compensation philosophy and strategy that is linked to your company’s mission and goals

  • Create or update job descriptions to accurately reflect the work that employees are performing and the qualifications needed

  • Use reputable external market surveys to determine appropriate compensation levels for your roles based on job and survey descriptions

  • Establish a formal compensation structure (including grades and ranges) for each position

  • Consider if variable pay should be included in your compensation plan

  • Analyze company benefit plans and how they compare to the market

  • Ensure compliance with pay equity

  • Perform regular assessments of your positions and compensation structure and how your total compensation practices compare to the market

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