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Reference Checking

Job References Whether or not an employee was a great performer or just not a good fit for your organization, you generally don’t want them to be unemployed when they leave you. It’s easy to provide a reference for an employee who left on good terms, but […]

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Telecommuting & Flexible Work Schedule Survey

TELECOMMUTING: 1.  Types of employees allowed to telecommute: 2.  Companies that allow part-time employees to telecommute: 83% 3.  83% of those responding allow supervisors/managers of people to telecommute up to 3 days a week. 4.  Only 33% of employers impose a time limit before an employee is […]

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Compensation Practices

COMPENSATION PRACTICES Average Pay rates Hiring Rates College Hiring Rates Lead & Shift Differentials          

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USERRA: Employer Obligations to Members of the Uniformed Services, Guard & Reserves

Most employers acknowledge the valuable service the members of the U.S. Armed Forces and Reserves provide to this country. However, not all employers are aware of their obligations under the Uniformed Services Rights & Reemployment Rights Act (USERRA). Generally, USERRA requires employers to reemploy individuals who, because […]

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Wage & Benefits Statements

The year-end W-2 shows only a part of the total “dollar and cent” value an employee gets from their job. Calling attention to the overall gross and net pay to the employee – and employment costs to the employer is well worth the time and effort. A […]

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Florida Pay Adjustments

2018-19 FLORIDA PAY ADJUSTMENT (SALARY BUDGET) SURVEY   Following are the results of the Florida Pay Adjustment/Salary Budget Survey.  In Florida, data has been compiled showing both manufacturing and non-manufacturing statistics as well as information by for profit, not-for-profit and company size.

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Stay Interviews

As the challenge to find talent becomes more difficult, it is critical that employers focus on retaining their existing workforce. One of the latest tools utilized to help employers determine why people remain with the organization is the Stay Interview. These interviews help managers identify the keys […]

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ADA Compliant Job Descriptions

While there is no regulation that requires employers to provide job descriptions, it is in an employer’s best interest to outline the essential functions of a position in order to demonstrate what the responsibilities are and to assess whether or not an applicant can perform the essential […]

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ADA Advertisements, Applicants, and Hiring

Reasonable accommodations do not begin with a hired employee. The initial starting point is with the job posting. While no specific information is required in a job posting or on an application, the EEOC does recommend employers communicate the essential functions of the job since this information […]

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ADA and The Interactive Process

Employers are required to provide a reasonable and operative accommodation for employees with a disability. The best and easiest way to reach a point of agreement on an accommodation is to engage with the employee and have an interactive dialogue. The interactive process is an effective way […]

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