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Using PI to Meet Strategic Initiatives

Year end is a great time to review your organization’s performance. Will your organization accomplish its 2018 goals? If not, why not? Do have the right people in each role to achieve those objectives? Do you have the right managers leading their teams to their best and highest potential? Did you bring people on board in 2018 that quickly melded with the company’s culture and were able to help accomplish business objectives? Or did they flounder?

Whether your company needs to make better hiring decisions in the future, or if you need to move people laterally in the organization to be more success, or if you are creating succession plans that will take your company to the next level, now is the time map out that people strategy in advance of the New Year. Creating a human capital plan that understands not just the skills and knowledge your people need to do the job, but the behaviors and cognitive skills that will help your organization be successful is imperative. Start with a job analysis tool that will objectively measure what the ideal attributes are needed for each role in your organization. That data can then be used pre-hire to retire. Otherwise, winging it with talent decisions means the organization will keep missing its objectives.

Don’t believe me? According to Leadership IQ, 46% of newly-hired employees fail within 18 months and only 11% of these new hires failed because they didn’t have the necessary technical skills. Checking a resume or verifying if someone has a certain certification or degree is the easy part. Measuring how people are motivated each day, how they need feedback and guidance, and how they are best onboarded is the difference between failure and triumph.

Almost all of the problems in our human capital decisions are all related to hiring and managing without data. That means almost all of these issues are avoidable and resolved by using data gathered from an assessments system such as the Predictive Index®.

As part of your people strategy planning process, ask:

  • Do you have the right people performing as you expect them to perform?
  • When you hire new people, are you ensuring they are a right fit for the job and that they will be behave as you need them to in the role?
  • Are your people as fully engaged and productive as they need to be to help the company meet its goals?
  • Are your managers effective as you expect? Do they lack the tools and training to lead each unique individual on their teams?
  • Do you have teams that are under-performing in comparison to the other teams?

With the end of the year rapidly approaching, don’t miss out on the opportunity to provide lasting value to your people. Whether you’re looking to improve coaching, develop new leaders, or increase individual and team performance our PI workshops are a great way to move the needle on your strategic initiatives.

Having real data on your people allows you to use metrics with your key performance indicators to vastly improve new hires, and understand how to best manage and motivate your existing talent as well.

Dolly Penland is President and CEO of Business Results, PI® Certified Partner firm and Master Training Center. For more information, please visit

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