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Telecommuting & Flexible Work Schedule Survey


1.  Types of employees allowed to telecommute:

2.  Companies that allow part-time employees to telecommute: 83%
3.  83% of those responding allow supervisors/managers of people to telecommute up to 3 days a week.
4.  Only 33% of employers impose a time limit before an employee is eligible to participate in their telecommuting program. Those employers that do impose a limit allow employees to telecommute after 90 days of employment.
5.  17% of responding companies require employees to sign a telecommuting agreement.
6.  14% of employers require telecommuters to work a set schedule each week, while 57% permit them to work flexible schedules with set core hours. The remainder of the companies did not respond.
7.  To track the time of non-exempt employees who are telecommuting 67% of respondents utilize a sign-in on the computer or a computerized time card.
8.  Percentage of workforce that telecommutes:

9.   The number of days permitted to telecommute varies by the specific project or work flow.
10. Equipment provided to telecommuters:

11. None of the responding companies inspect the home office before allowing employees to telecommute.

1.  Flexible work schedules offered to employees:

2.  In 60% of the organizations responding, the availability of flexible work schedules depends on the department/position. The other 40% allow all employees to have flexible schedules as long as there is departmental coverage.
3.  83% of the companies offering flexible schedules do so year-round as opposed to only over the summer.
4.  60% of responding companies allow employees to change their schedules from week to week; 20% of companies responding require the employee to work their fixed schedule; and the other 20% indicated it depends on the position.
5.  In 67% of the companies, each department maintains the flexible schedule and submits it to Human Resources; 17% of the companies responding require each department to maintain the schedule but does not submit it to Human Resources; HR is responsible for maintaining the flexible schedules for the entire organization in 17% of the companies responding.

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