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HR Audits – Part II

While we covered several audits in HR Audits Part I, the lists were not all inclusive of the types of audits a company should be conducting or what those audits should encompass.

Other audits that may or may not be part of an HR Audit can include:

Recruiting & Hiring Audit – there are requirements for recruiting & hiring processes. Companies must be ADA & EEOC compliant in finding their talent.

  •  Applications – Do you only accept applications for open positions? Are you keeping an Applicant Flow Log? What types of questions do you ask on your application…are they legal?
  • Advertisements – Do your advertisements meet ADA/EEO standards? Can disabled individuals easily apply for your positions? Are your advertisements meeting EEO standards?
  • Interviewing – Are managers trained in interviewing procedures? Do they know which questions are legal and which are illegal to ask during an interview?

Training & Development – training and development is essential in any organization, not only in job-related skills, but in management and social behaviors.

  • Basic skills training – do you offer basic training for job requirements?
  • Procedures – do you have training to ensure employees know the proper procedures for specific tasks?
  • Assessments – do you conduct training assessments to determine what your training needs are?
  • Methods – do you offer training in a variety of platforms: online, on-the-job, classroom, etc.?
  • Development – do you have programs in place to develop skills for future growth?

Safety Audit – performing a safety & health audit helps keep your employees in a safe working environment and keeps the company out of potential litigation.

  • Safety program – do you have a written safety program? Is it reviewed annually or as necessary?
  • Training – do you perform safety training on a regular basis?
  • OSHA – do you comply with OSHA standards for general safety and hazardous material?
  • Is your OSHA 300 Log being maintained properly?

Effectiveness Audit – each department should perform an audit to determine if they are functioning to the best of their ability and in a way that benefits the organization?

  • Objectives – is your department effective in meeting the objectives of the company?
  • Turnover/Retention – do you track turnover and retention? Do you conduct exit interviews? What is being done to retain employees?
  • Processes – are you up-to-date on the most current processes? Do you know what your competitors are doing?
  • Employee engagement – are your employees engaged? Do you use engagement surveys to solicit your employee’s point of view?

The questions above are just a sample of what you may be looking for during your audits. There are many other questions and concerns that can be addressed.

If a company policy is updated or added, make sure all departments are aware of the change or addition and are passing the information to all employees and applying them fairly. If new or updated laws or regulations come into play, an audit can ensure you stay on top of these legal requirements and not fall victim to a litigation suit.

While no simple audit can assure full and complete compliance with every law and regulation, an HR audit can be used by your organization as an effective tool in determining specific areas where additional data or updates are required. EAF members have access to a comprehensive HR Self-Audit on the member’s only website and the HR Specialists at EAF can provide additional information and/or research, and in partnership with their labor law attorneys, can provide a thorough analysis and compliance assurance of governmental regulations such as wage-hour, affirmative action, OSHA, and labor relations.

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