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It’s difficult to know who dislikes performance appraisal more…managers or employees!

Even so, helping employees improve performance and results may be the single most important part of a manager’s job. Improved employee performance can make a significant difference in organizational efficiency and the bottom line. Managers generally dislike the performance appraisal process because they misunderstand its purpose. They feel that being truthful with employees about their performance will strain the working relationship and do little to change behavior.

Taking The “Dread” Out Of Performance Appraisal – The work place is no place for a parent-child relationship between managers and employees and no one likes to sit in judgment of others. In the absence of specific skills, the performance appraisal process is associated with discomfort and the potential of creating or increasing animosity and so it is often avoided it at all costs.

The Performance Planning and Review Program – Harrington & Associates works with its clients to implement a program that focuses on Performance Management, not performance appraisal. It is a cyclical process of planning for improved performance, monitoring and reviewing performance in terms of job based performance criteria.

The performance criteria are job specific and are designed by “subject matter experts” from your organization as the prototype for outstanding behaviors and results. When employees define the criteria for their jobs and are accountable to communicate their performance, they become performance managers, leaving the manager to be a counselor, coach and resource provider.


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