Employee Background & Drug Screening

Employers today are faced with making critical hiring decisions related to candidate qualifications, safety, and risk, for their organization. According to a recent survey conducted by HR.com and the Professional Background Screening Association (PBSA):

  • Who: 94% of Employers are conducting background checks on potential employees
  • What: 87% of Employers are conducting physical statewide or county searches
  • When: 75% of Employers wait until after a conditional job offer is made
  • Why: 83% of Employers conduct checks to protect employees, customers, and others

In the survey, Employers also stated that the three most important factors when requesting background checks are accuracy, efficiency, and cost. EAF is committed to providing you with a background service that focuses on accuracy, convenience, and compliance to streamline your hiring process. To provide you with a cost-effective, world-class solution, we have partnered with AAIM Employers’ Association.

For over a century, AAIM Employers’ Association has been assisting employers hire, develop, and retain great employees, build stronger employer communities, and create better workplaces. We are confident that AAIM’s background screening business, AAIMCheck, will be able to simplify and automate your background process and help design a background screening program that will fit the needs of your organization.

As referenced above within the PBSA survey, these items are a significant focus to AAIM when providing background screening services to organizations.

  • AAIM Efficiency: Average a 48-hour turnaround time
  • AAIM Compliance: AAIMCheck is fully accredited by PBSA
  • AAIM Quality:  AAIM’s quality rating has remained over 99% since 2014

Hiring top talent will continue to be a hot topic for all employers into the future. Those employers who hire talent quickly and efficiently, will be able to differentiate their organization in the marketplace. Deploying an integrated, easy to use background screening process is a proven strategy to drive long-term results and AAIM can assist you in getting there.