Background Check & Drug Screening Services

Edge Information Management, Inc.

Edge Information Management, Inc., established in 1991, is a privately held national provider of employment screening services dedicated to furnishing employers with accurate background screening, drug testing and electronic i9/e-Verify services at cost-effective rates.  Edge delivers services to each client via the Internet through its proprietary software (WebScreenSM), portal or integration with a variety of industry leading ATS Systems.  The ability to combine “big business” technology with “small business” customer service is the value most appreciated by its clients. The NAPBS Accreditation exemplifies Edge’s dedicated focus on delivering accurate information quickly and in compliance within hiring federal and state regulations.

Background Screening Services – 

Edge provides comprehensive background screening services to companies of all sizes across the United States and internationally. By utilizing Edge’s ability to quickly deliver accurate results you are able make quality hiring decisions fast.

  • Background Screening: for companies of all sizes across the US and Internationally
  • Civil Records (Upper & Lower): The upper and lower civil courts are distinguished based upon financial value of a claim. Higher value cases such as divorce are handled at the upper level. Lower value cases such as eviction, small claims and other minor disputes are handled at the lower level.
  • Electronic Fingerprinting: LiveScan fingerprinting services in Florida for a number of state agencies, depending on your industry, business type & certification level.
  • Employment Reference: An in-depth reference check that seeks the same information as the Employment Verification and  other detailed  information related to the candidates job performance.
  • Driving History: Reveals valid license information, negligent / reckless operators and individuals operating a vehicle with an invalid or suspended license.
  • TenantScreen Plus: TenantScreen Plus is a quick and inexpensive way to screen your potential tenants. Those with no criminal history will produce results to you in as little as 24 business hours.
  • Credit Reports: Shows debt load, payment history and public record information of a civil nature (bankruptcy, lien, judgment) and more.
  • SSN Verification (Bureau & SSA): Includes name, social security number and prior addresses as well as name of cardholder and validity of number.
  • Education Verification: Confirmation of attendance and/ or graduation and degree(s) obtained.
  • Disposition Searches: A search of the county court records to obtain any and all information regarding a case, which may be missing on the original report.
  • License Verification: Indicates to whom the license is issued, issuing agency, validity of issue, date of expiration and, if available, history of disciplinary action taken on the licensee.
  • Sexual Offender Search: A search through the Sexual Offender Registry is available in some states. This report lists the offender’s name (s), address(s), crimes of conviction and also a picture if available.
  • Criminal Court Documents: Copies of original documents
  • GSA Excluded Parties: The functions of the three sections of the lists are distinct and are explained below: The first section, List of Parties Excluded from Procurement and Non-procurement Programs, lists individuals, entities, and contractors that are excluded Government- wide, unless otherwise noted, from Federal procurement and sales programs, non-procurement programs, and financial and non-financial benefits.
  • and more…

Drug Screening Services – 

Edge can simply your drug-screening program so that it’s easy for you to get what you want: fast and accurate information. Edge Partners with some of the largest laboratories in the country in order to offer our clients thousands of convenient collection sites nationwide.

Our drug testing programs are designed to meet all regulatory agency requirements for Drugs of Abuse testing, including Drug-Free Workplace Programs, Department of Defense (DOD), Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) and Department of Transportation (DOT) guidelines.

  • Urine Test (Lab based or Onsite collections)
  • Oral Fluid (Lab based or Onsite collections)
  • Hair Test
  • Breath Alcohol Test
  • DOT Testing
  • State and federal regulated drug testing using SAMHSA certified labs
  • Personalized bar-coded Custody and Control Forms (CCF)
  • Medical Review Officer (MRO) services
  • Collection site identification and management
  • Certified Substance Abuse Professional (SAP)
  • Electronic reporting of results
  • Consolidated billing
  • Policy development and review
  • Education and training

Edge has a corporate owned collection site located at 1682 W. Hibiscus Blvd. in Melbourne, Florida. The collection site specializes in Employment Drug Screening and offers fast, friendly service with minimal waiting! Hours of operation are Monday-Friday 8:00am to 4:00pm. Contact us today for more information: (321) 722-3343 ext. 510

Electronic I-9 Compliance – 

All U.S. employers are legally required to verify the identity and employment eligibility of all their new hires. Yet more and more companies are faced with fraud, poor verification and record keeping procedures which can result in compliance violations ranging from prison sentences, forfeiture of assets and/or civil fines. For example, in 2010 a large employer received fines totaling over $1,000,000, the result of a 2008 Form I-9 inspection by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). The fines stemmed from numerous deficiencies in the company’s I-9 verification system.

Edge’s i9AdvantEdge™ system provides all the features your company needs to maintain a compliant, paperless and streamlined I-9 process. Utilizing a system like i9AdvantEdge™ can make the I-9 process simple and fast. It also aids in reducing the time spent completing paper I-9 forms by automating the process. The system also gives the user the option of connecting directly to E-Verify for instant verification of the employee’s employment eligibility. Or, they may choose to use i9AdvantEdge™ solely, as a paperless I-9 management system. i9AdvantEdge™ is accessible through Edge’s premier online tool, WebScreenSM, which can be used as a standalone product or integrated with any Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS).

The i9AdvantEdge™ Service Includes:

  • Electronic Form I-9
  • Optional Instant Access to E-Verify
  • Form I-9 Real Time Entry Validation
  • SSN Duplication Alert
  • Electronic Signatures (E-Signature Act Compliant)
  • Photo Tool to Confirm the Employee’s Identity
  • Immigration Tracking & Compliance
  • Integrated with WebScreenSM
  • And More!