Cell Phone Survey Results

Thank you to all the companies that participated in our Cell Phone Survey. Below are the results from this survey.

  • 91% of companies allow personal cell phones in the workplace
  • 64% allow employees to use their cell phones at their workstations
  • 36% only allow cell phone use in designated areas
  • 60% require cell phones to be on silent or vibrate
  • 40% allow cell phones for emergency use only
  • 30% restrict cell phones in safety or information sensitive areas
  • 73% allow employees to use personal cell phones for business purposes
  • 70% reimburse employees for business conducted on a personal cell phone
  • 55% of companies provide a business cell phone
  • 100% of companies provide their executives with a business cell phone
  • 57% of companies provide their managers/supervisors with a business cell phone
  • 14% of companies provide their sales personnel with a business cell phone
  • 43% of companies provide their field technicians and drivers with a business cell phone
  • 43% of companies provide their on-call or emergency contacts with a business cell phone
  • 100% reported that business cell phones can be used for personal calls & texts
  • 67% of companies do not require employees to reimburse the company for personal usage
  • 64% of companies have protocols in place to main confidentiality
  • 60% have protocols in place to lock cell phones or retrieve information from lost phones or terminated employees

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