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Background Check & Drug Screening Services

Edge Information Management, Inc.

Edge Information Management, Inc. was incorporated in the state of Florida in 1991, with ownership including professionals with backgrounds in business, information technology and private investigations. Our business is helping employees achieve consistent and comprehensive background screening, while reducing their operational costs.

Background Screening Services –

Edge accesses only current public record information, as opposed to archived data, for the purpose of pre-employment screening. Sources include government agencies, as well as industrial and commercial sources. Edge offers a software program for requesting reports and delivering completed reports via modem, as well as fax service and Message Acquisition Center (MAC).

  • Criminal History – reveals 7 years criminal history record information, federal, state or county
  • Disposition Searches – search of county courthouse records for information regarding a specific case
  • Driving History – reveals valid license information
  • Credit History – shows debt load, payment history & public record information of a civil nature
  • Social Security Administration Verification – shows name of cardholder & validity of number
  • Employment Reference – confirms previous employment information
  • Education Verification – confirms graduation & degrees
  • Workers’ Comp History (post hire) – reveals repeated abuse of job-related injury claims
  • Sexual Offender Search – provides Sexual Offender history in some states
  • Criminal Court Documents – provides copies of original court documents
  • Professional License Verification – indicates validity of issue, date of expiration and, if available, disciplinary action taken
  • and much more… 

Drug Screening Services –

Edge can simply your drug-screening program so that it’s easy for you to get what you want: fast and accurate information. Edge’s partnering laboratories include STL, Quest, LabCorp, LabOne and Medtox Laboratories. These laboratories are certified and continuously monitored by institutions such as SAMHSA, DHHS, and HRS. Edge’s program meets all regulatory agency requirements for Drugs of Abuse testing, including Florida’s Drug-Free Workplace Program, Department of Defense (DOD), and the current Department of Transportation (DOT) guidelines. SAMHSA certification allows us to perform screening and confirmatory tests for all state and federal, regulated and non-regulated testing programs.

  • State and federal regulated drug testing using SAMHSA certified labs
  • Personalized bar-coded Chain of Custody forms
  • Medical Review Officer (MRO) services
  • Collection site identification and management
  • Certified Professional Staff (SAP and CEAP)
  • Electronic reporting of results
  • Consolidated billing
  • Policy development and review
  • Education and training


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